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Friday, 27 April 2012

Well life has been pretty hectic this week, firstly for the first three days of this week I was on a Transforming Congregational Conflict in Sunbury. it was an excellent course, and I had the opportunity to meet old friends and make some new friends.

Here are two views from my bedroom window in Sunbury.

Yesterday was Toddlers Music and Mayhem, over the last few weekswe have had a steady increase in people attending this event at the Salvation Army, 111 Corringham Road, Stanford le Hope. We give God the glory for this but we also thank Jennifer Gill for her leadership. Thursday afternoon saw me doing a pastoral visit at Basildon Hospital, and then to conclude the day there was some paperwork to attend to.

Today I have spent the morning at the Salvation Army Coffee morning and this afternoon I have taken time to do sermon prep for this Sunday also the PowerPoint presentation.

well I think it's time I thought about what I am going to have for dinner. Next time I hope to post some more photos of cards I have made. Until then, bye for now.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Quiz Night

I have had time this weekend to catch up with a few old friends, it has been good to see them and catch up with their news.

I was discharged from the Plastic Surgeon Mr Tyler at Stoke Mandevill Hospital yesterday which was excellent news. It hardly seems possible that I commenced this cancer journey 4 years ago this month. I am so grateful to all the specialists that have helped aand look after me during this time. I also appreciate the many good friends who have been there to support me when I have needed them.

We held a Quiz Night at the Stanford le Hope Salvation Army this evening, a good time was had by all, there were six  teams and ten rounds of questions. The team called 'Churches Together' were the winners. A big thank you to Steve Webb our Quiz Master.

Since arriving home I have prepared the powerpoint for worship tomorrow, we will be thinking about Jesus the Carpenter, and how He shapes our lives. I am grateful to my brother in law Mike Allard for lending me one of his hand carved bows which I shall be using as an illustration along with a couple of items that have been made for me by friends who are woodturners.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The last few days have been pretty hectic hence my absence from here. Work wise today has been a great day lots of new mums in to our Toddler Music Group this morning. It was good to see the hall full there certainly was a lot of 'mayhem'!!!! Well tomorrow I have to go for a hospital check up at Staoke Mandeville,so I think it's about time I went to bed.. Goodnight all.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Prep Day

Today has been a day of study, firstly I prepared the Bible study for tomorrow, we are commencing a new study using material from Walk thru the Bible, we shall be studying the Old Testament.

This afternoon I have been working on a sermon, and the worship service for Sunday, we shall be considering Jesus, the Carpenter from Nazareth, and how the cross is significant for us today.

After a short break for necessary admin and dinner it was back to the prep, thankfully I finally managed to complete it at 7pm.

At the Salvation Army in Stanford we are busy getting ready for our Jubilee Celebrations, we are knitting the bunting that will hang around our garden, car park and building on June 3. Whilst watching Silent Witness over the last two evenings i have managed to complete another two pieces.

I have also been busy completing the project for the craft group this week. We will be using some material from La Pashe's Build a Blossom range. Here is a picture of some of the cards that can be made.

Time to sign off now and get ready for tomorrow.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Stanford le Hope Churches Together


Today has been a really good day, firstly I am feeling a lot better and have more energy. Which is just as well because the salvation Army in Stanford le Hope hosted the Churches Together service this afternoon. The hall was nearly full and it was good to see people from many of the Churches in the surrounding area.

I led the worship and also had the privilege of preaching, I spoke on the Disciples on the Emmaus Road, and how they journeyed together, how they journeyed with Jesus, and how they recognized Jesus in the ordinary everyday world. The challenge was given that as Churches we should not work in isolation but that we should work together as we all belong to God's family. Encouragement was given to walk the journey with each other, to walk the journey with Jesus, and to look for Jesus in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary.

Our special guest speaker was Betty Makoni who lives in Stanford le Hope, she spoke about her work of empowering women around the world, and her charity The Girl Child Network. She was very interesting and people were encouraged and challenged by what she had to say.

I am now settling down to watch one of my favourite TV programmes that being Silent Witness.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Today has been a day when I haven't done very much. FeelIng a little better than yesterday but have little energy. I have managed to do some paperwork and spent some time sorting things out.

I did however manage to finish a card I was asked to make, it is for a 50 wedding anniversary, and even though I say so myself I am really pleased with the finished result.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Powerpoint Slide

A Day of Differences

Today started with a Coffee morning at the Salvation Army, it was good to met with the people there and share some time with them.
After lunch I started my preparation for The Churches Together Service at the Salvation Army, 111 Corringham Road, Stanford le Hope, Essex, SS17 0BX.
We will be thinking about the disciples on the Emmaus Road, and how they travelled together, how they travelled together with Jesus, and finally they saw and recognised Jesus. I hope to encourage the Churches in the area to work together, and share their joys and their sorrows with each other.
I now have the powerpoint to prepare for worship on Sunday, one of the slides I shall be using I created in Wordle.net using the Bible Passage for Sunday, Luke 24:13-35. Please let me know what you think.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Churches Together at Stanford le Hope

This Sunday at the Salvation Army Stanford le Hope we are holding our Churhes together service for the local community. We shall be considering the Discciple meeting Jesus on the Emmaus Road.
Our special guest is Betty Makoni founder of the Girl Child Network.
Betty Makoni(BA Gen, BA Special Hons) is CNN Hero 2009 for Protecting the Powerless and honoured by Nicole Kidman. She is Trustee for RESTORED UK. She has 27 global awards for Innovation, commitment and passion for her work to protect over 300 000 girls in Zimbabwe. She has inspired millions around the world to replicate the Girl Child Empowerment Model. Besides her work with Girl Child Network Worldwide and building many Girl Child Networks in Africa and world over Betty Makoni is a mentor, coach, trainer for many women and girls who want to do similar work.
She is a published author of a poetry book, A woman Once a girl- Breaking Silence which was recently launched in London. Her official biography, Never Again will be launched in five countries in June 2012. Betty is featured in best selling books to include Women Who Light the Dark by Paola Gianturco, On The Up By Nikki and Rob Wilson as well as main subject in the award winning documentary, Tapestries of Hope by US Independent Presidential Hopeful, Michealene Risley. Girl Child Network Empowerment Model which she started in 1998 has been singled out as Best Practice and included in University of Essex Journal for Human Rights 2010.