A Little Bit of Me

This blog is to share a Little Bit of me, my life my work and my interests.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Well everything is getting back to normal after the summer break. All the programme at the corps has re-commenced, however there will be some fine tuning of this programe over the next few weeks.

I have started my training to be  tutor of chair based Activities and it is going quite well, although there is a lot to learn before my assessment on October 6, also I need to get my home work, lessons plans and risk assessments completed. I am off to Chatham again on Saturday for a full day of seminars.

I also start another course on September 29, this is for leading new types of ministry within the church and is called Fresh Expressions,the course last a year and is based at Bluewater in Kent.

Spetember in the Salvation Army, is the time for our door to door collecting, I am pleased to report that with my little band of helpers this task has been completed. However on the last evening I had a bad fall, spraining my left ankle, and damaging my right hand and arm, normally this would not be a problem but due to the surgery I have had on my right side, this meant that the would would not heal properly, so last Friday I made my way to the Doctors in Stanford for the first time since I arrived, and was prescribed some antibiotics to hel with the healing process. I was making good progress until last night when unfortunately I had another fall damaging the same ankle and hand. I am now wearing an ankle support to help my ankle heal and hopefully get stronger.

On the craft front I have not had a lot of spare time but I have managed to make 50 Christmas Tree decorations for our Christmas Fayre on Saturday November 10.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Holidays and more

Well, I am coming to the end of 10 days holiday which began on Bank Holiday Monday. This gave me the opportunity to go to a Boot Fair at Warlingham. I spent an hour and a half browsing the many stalls and picked up a few bargains including a brand new One for All digital tv aerial for £3.50 and a craft book for 50p. I spent the afternoon finishing off some cards (pictures are attached).

Tuesday I took mum to Hove for a few hours it was lovely and sunny but there was a strong breeze. Early Tuesday evening I travelled to Tring to watch the Paralympic Torch Relay, it was a great
Night with plenty of community spirit, even if the torch was nearly 2 hours late!! I finally got to bed at 2am.

Wednesday mum and I went to the Harvester at Addington Village the rest of the day I spent decorating some
Notebooks for the Christmas Fair at Stanford le Hope Salvation Army.

Thursday was a day of shopping with
Mum, also helping her with some cleaning that she needed doing, then in the evening I did some more crafting.

Friday was a mostly stop at home day, although we did go to Pizza Hut for lunch during the Happy Hour, there was so much food we bought some home for supper.

Saturday I had the opportunity to spend some time at on of my favourite craft shops-The Craft Barn at Lingfield I then went on to Edenbridge to yet another Boot Fair and a few more bargains including a machine that makes hot chocolate and delicious milk shakes for the costly price of £3 and it was brand new.

Saturday evening mum and I visited my cousin and her family, I took my makes with me and sold some of the items including cards and notebooks. I have to say the cakes we indulged in we're absolutely massive but most enjoyable.

Sunday I travelled
To Bournemouth to stop with a friend who has recently had major surgery and I have spent a few relaxing days there returning to Stanford tomorrow evening.

This Saturday I will be commencing training to be a Chair Based Exercise Leader, so there are a busy few weeks ahead, which will include the Salvation Army Big collection door to door appeal, Harvest Celebrations and planning activities for the forthcoming year. I also commence a Fresh Expressions of Church course later this month.